2012 Books I’ve Read

Reading fiction is my selfish pursuit. I’m lucky that I get to do it for pay, too, but it is my hobby. It is my relaxation. I (try to) turn off my editor brain and read to escape. I read non-fiction, too — news, parenting / child development books, educational philosophies, devotionals, Christian inspiration and scriptural exegesis — but here I’ll keep track of the books I read for my own enjoyment (and not for work, though I do usually enjoy those, too!)

Winter Garden

11 22 63

The Bell Jar

Blueprint for Building Better Girls

The Marriage Plot

House Rules

Lone Wolf

┬áMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Bossypants (not fiction, I know, but totally for my enjoyment!)

Age of Miracles

(started and abandoned…)

Songs of the Humpbacked Whales

Fifty Shades of Gray







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