My sweet eight year old picked Z Tejas for her birthday dinner, and as happy as I am to get to eat at my favorite restaurant, I feel a big burden knowing the influence I have on her. I always joke about my relationship with Z Tejas. It’s my stalker boyfriend. Before I even officially moved to Austin (I visited John here often when he co-oped), that little house downtown was a favorite spot. Then we settled up north, and before long, Z Tejas opened on Great Hills. We spent many a Friday night waiting hours for a table, drinking way too many margaritas. Then, we really settled WAY north in Avery Ranch and it wasn’t long before the Z started construction on the corner. Caroline knows it is my favorite, and she knows it as my celebration spot –Mother’s Day, my birthday. Is that why she picked it?

I know some moms want to be the main influencer in their kids’ lives (and that’s a big lure to homeschooling for them) but it kind of scares the bejeezus out of me. As happy as I am with my life, I don’t know if I am up for her being like me. Some of me, absolutely. Plenty, though, not so much.

So, this little thing, a birthday dinner, reminds me not to just be “myself” but to be the woman I want my daughter to be. Heavy burden. Lord, help me!