Daring Greatly

Last weekend I got away for two nights with the ladies from St. Julian’s. Church friends, new friends, and old friends came together — two dear friends who don’t officially call St. Julian’s home came, too — spend the weekend having fun and discussing shame and vulnerability. I was a small group leader, and I must admit, feel pretty inadequate at it. I gather from my friends that their groups opened up a lot more than mine did, and I know that is because I didn’t set the right tone. I tried to share, but I do think I already had a healthy shame attitude and that hindered my vulnerability as a group leader.

I enjoyed my time with friends, though, and at the house on the river in Gruene. The house was great! It slept 24 and had many bathrooms. I slept upstairs in an open area with two queen beds. We had a bathroom with a toilet and sink and next to it, by my bed, was a closet — that housed the shower! Talk about using every bit of space!