Works for Me Wednesday — Fast Salt Dough

I volunteered to mix up some salt dough for Caroline’s class this week. The directions specified that the quality of the dough was directly impacted by how long I kneaded it. And I got bored pretty quickly with kneading it. A quick google search inspired me to throw it in my Kitchen Aid. (I think any heavy-duty stand mixer would do.) And voila! Quick and easy salt dough. So easy, I mixed up a batch for the girls to play with while I cooked dinner last night.

2 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

(mix together in mixer)

slowly add a cup of water with the mixer running on low speed

Just let ‘er go for five to eight minutes, until the dough forms a ball

Then the kids can create whatever they want (with cookie cutters or their hands). To dry it, bake it in a warm over (about 200 degrees) for an hour or leave it sitting out overnight. They can paint their creations when it’s dry.