Must-have Monday — Two Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection

twofacedI have been wanting Too-Faced’s matte eye-shadow set for quite some time now and had a special Sephora coupon a couple of weeks ago and decided to finally get it! Don’t let the overly made-up eyes on the packaging discourage you — this can be a great natural daytime shadow, too.

I love that it is matte. That’s what I wanted. Maybe not all 39-year-olds agree, but me, personally, I am too old for shimmery or glittery eye shadow. And some many seem to have a touch of shimmer to them. Not this. And the colors include what I actually wear — shades of grays and browns with some pink/purple. (A little green would make this set absolutely perfect for this hazel eyed girl, though.)

For an everyday t-shirt and jeans casual look, I just use the three big colors and it’s just right. For a more pulled together and made up look, I can add one of the middle shades in the crease. And when I want a more dramatic look, I can add the last, darkest row as a liner.