What’s up Wednesdsay

Two days in a row at the Y. Whoo hoo! I can do this, nice and slow — a pound a week is the goal.

Summer: We are counting the days already! Caroline counts weekends — 43 more days. I don’t — 32 days! Our schedule is filling up. In June, we’ll vacation on the Emerald Coast (that’s the panhandle of Florida — road trip!) Then we’ll do VBS with St. Luke’s on the Lake, one of the bigger Episcopal churches in the area and then just the girls will have VBS at Bethany Methodist with some friends. For July, we’ll go to the lake and to North Texas to see family, have our week of cousin camp, do an evening VBS with St. Julian’s (Narnia!). And the girls will do one week of dance/theater camp. I’m keeping the three weeks of August free for the list of summer things we want to do.

Caroline: All of the second graders at Caroline’s school are given the OLSAT test in the fall. Based on those scores, Caroline’s teacher recommended we have her tested for the Talented and Gifted program (TAG). She got it for Language Arts, which was honestly a surprise to me. I expected her to get in for math. She’s excited. She was also chosen for the Level II performance team at her dance school I’m pretty proud of that girl!

God Sighting: The VBS theme at St. Luke’s is Paul’s Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth, and each day, the kids will share God sightings. Well, my VBS journey kicked off with a very clear God sighting. I saw the theme and knew the girls would love it — they love learning about other cultures, and this one is set in Athens. I registered the girls and felt I should email the director, since it isn’t our church, and introduce myself and offer to help. I explained that we had met once before and that I was with the new Episcopal church plant and were going to do an evening VBS with a Narnia theme and could help if she needed any volunteers (though, I said, I’m sure she was all squared away with that.) The next morning, I had an email that just made me smile. I was an answer to their prayer the day before, asking God to show them someone for the last station they had open — preschool games. AND they had just finished doing the Narnia program we are doing for VBS during Lent and offered me the use of the wardrobe they made for the program. It was thrilling to see God move so obviously and to be *told* about it. It’s easy to forget our prayers, so the timing was lovely.

In other news, I made a blogging plan of writing topics to keep me updating here regularly — Must-have Mondays, Tech Tuesdays, What’s Up Wednesdays, and Therapy Thursday. Stay tuned!