So much to say

I went off of Facebook again this year for Lent, and I had made a list of blog topics and made mental notes during my day of things I wanted to write about — thinking since I wasn’t recording my every thought on Facebook that I’d put them on my blog. Instead, I just spent time alone with my thoughts sometimes and talked a whole lot more with friends and family (and strangers) as I went about my days. Facebook is such a part of our culture now. John kept me up to date on big news, and I made sure that close friends due to give birth during Lent knew to text me. And they did. 🙂

I wrapped up the school yearbook this week. Yay! Even thought I’ve been a yearbook person for pretty much my whole life — middle school yearbook staff (we just met in a teacher’s classroom once a week during PE to work on the book), high school yearbook staff, Aggieland staff, and middle school yearbook adviser, I learned so much this year. It is AMAZING how much technology has changed. Sure, it’s quite different than the cropping tools and red pencils we used in the middle and high school days, but even in the eight years since I did O. Henry’s yearbook, it has changed. So, since the first time is the learning run, I’m planning to do it again next year. I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t, but having it done and thinking of all I’d do differently next year inspired me for one more time. Of course, as soon as I submitted the book for publication, closed the online orders, and did NOT include a sales announcement in the weekly email (which has been announced every week this school year), I had a parent email asking if she had bought a yearbook (she had not) and wondering if she still could. Oh me, oh my! Seriously? I wrote her back and said “Sorry Charlie. I know you were just waiting for the one week that you didn’t read BUY YOUR YEARBOOK NOW. ORDERS WILL CLOSE SOON AND WE ARE VERY CLOSE TO SELLING OUT, WHICH MEANS ORDERS CAN CLOSE AT ANY MOMENT to see how to place your order, but it seems that isn’t going to work out for you this time.” (not my exact words.) I’m also on the PTA Officer nominating committee for next year. Most of the officers are coming back for a second term, which will be super duper, but we still one position filled…Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, no Diet Cokes during Lent (well, I had two — one each morning of Spring Break that I stayed up way too late with my SILs drinking wine and then woke up to ten kids under ten in my house. So much fun, seriously! Only thing I’d do differently next time is have everyone drink only from cups with lids. Live and learn.)