Math Apps

Loading up the iPod Touches (and now the iPad) for long car trips was always daunting to me. With so many apps to choose from, I didn’t know where to start and chose some good ones and some not-so-good ones. Common Sense Media‘s app reviews are helpful, and I thought I’d share my favorite math apps for my girls (that I reviewed.)

PRESCHOOL MATH: Neither of my kids has been a big Sesame Street fan. Caroline, elmo loves 123s main imagesweet sleeper girl, was never awake early enough to watch it, and Elizabeth, who is up by 7 am, just isn’t interested. But as a parent, I think it’s great. And as annoying as I find Elmo, Elmo loves 123s for iPad is a great preschool math app. (Click the link to read the review I wrote for Common Sense Media.)

ELEMENTARY MATH: As part of Caroline’s daily homework, she has to practice her math facts for five minutes a day — addition, subtraction, multiplication. Hmathworkoutmainimageer teacher gave us some web sites of quizzes that we used early in the year, but since I discovered Math Workout, Caroline has been using that for her daily practice. It’s nothing flashy or gimmicky — just plain old timed math practice. Now, she’s not racing to play it in her free time or anything, but it is a handy app to have.

For fun, though, she enjoys Wild Kratts Creature Math. It combines taking care of the ecosystem, making sure each animal is fed and keeping the area frwildkrattscreaturemath mainimageee of litter, with math practice. I enjoyed playing it, too, as it’s a real challenge to keep each animal’s food supply steady — you know, the beavers eat a certain tree, and the wolves eat beavers, and the falcons need smaller birds, and the whole circle of life. My review has not been published yet, but you can read about the app at PBS KIDS.

We have a Spring Break road trip next week, and the girls will be well-occupied with their mobile devices.