Girl Time

John is out of town this weekend, and, while we miss him dearly and can’t wait for him to get back, the girls and I do enjoy a leisurely but busy schedule when he’s gone. I think it’s more leisurely because we don’t worry about being home at certain times or having meals prepared at certain times. I view weekends when he’s gone as times when we’ll have Chick Fil A or order pizza for dinner. Or maybe even both in the same day. I am too embarrassed to do that when I have another adult around, which is another why it’s really important, as I’ve said before, to have two parents in a household. But it’s hectic because we tend to go-go-go when he’s gone since we aren’t worried about being home and having things picked up and meals prepared at certain times. Again, not that John mandates that, it’s just what I think I should do for him.

Yesterday, Elizabeth had a friend over to play in the afternoon, and we picked Caroline up from dance at 5:00. Then we came home and they played a while until the pizza arrived around 6:00. We watched High School Musical 2 and ate dinner. Then they got in (my) bed with books and fell asleep while I did a little yearbook editing. I was asleep by 10, too, so Elizabeth’s 6 am wake-up wasn’t horrible. We were all out of bed by 7, and I made Caroline’s request — chocolate chip pancakes. Elizabeth wanted plain, though. I refrained, thinking I’d eat healthy today. (just wait.) I had a couple of bites of sausage. Then we did a few chores around the house (like changing the battery in the chirping smoke alarm) and headed to the Y for my workout. (doing great so far on the weight loss front!) I came home and quickly showered and dressed while they played, then we headed out for our day-of-fun. Schlotsky’s for lunch, library for book check-out (I had put the newest Captain Underpants on hold for Caroline and it was ready), Dr. Seuss’s birthday at Lakeshore, and and IMAX movie at the Bob Bullock.) We made it about ten minute early for the IMAX movie — just right. To find they changed the times March 1 (and I had looked at the schedule Feb 28) and the movie had started an hour earlier and the next wasn’t for three hours. No problemo. It was Explore UT day, so the museum admission was free, and I had tickets to see a movie at the Spirit of Texas Theater. We saw Texas Weather, which was super, and then walked through the museum. We had two hours, then, until show time, so we walked across the street to the Blanton, which was also participating in Explore UT with free admission. We had enough time for a sandwich in the cafe before we decided to get in line for the movie. We were first in line with another seven year old right behind us. The girls made fast friends, so we all sat together in the show, of course. It was beautifully hilarious to see, though my 3D glasses, all the little hands grabbing at the butterflies flying at us. We saw Flight of the Butterfly. Amazing! My wonderful friend Colette is a member of The Bob and gave me a inch of tickets last Easter for the girls. We’ve gone a few times and have so many tickets left. Such a treat!

I cherish the little conversations we have, in the car or just off hand. I learned today from Caroline that at least two girls in her class have cell phones that can text. “Who do they text?” I asked her. She didn’t know, and really didn’t seem to think it was a big deal that they had them and certainly wasn’t asking for one of her own. It came up because I didn’t take my phone to the Y that morning, and Caroline wondered what I’d do in an emergency. I told her that people didn’t have cell phones at all when I was a little girl and I thought we’d be fine for an hour without it. I went on (of course) to say that we can’t seem to live without our phones now, and that some kids even have phones! That’s when she mentioned her friends with phones. I’ve certainly thought about when I’d get the girls their own phones, and Megan has one for texting now, in fifth grade. I figured for middle school, for sure. I’m so glad Caroline is non-plussed that these girls have one and doesn’t see the need for one now. I hope we can hold that attitude for a few more years…or forever.