WFMW: Organic Produce Tips

I didn’t pay much attention to the produce I bought before I was pregnant with my daughter. Now, I like for her to eat organic meats and produce whenever possible. That’s not always easy, though. When the cost difference between organic produce and conventional produce is large, I look to this guide.
It lists the foods that tend to retain higher levels of pesticides and chemicals, so I can choose where to spend extra for organic.

Here in Austin, we also have an organic produce delivery service that I subscribe to. I can order a local box of locally-grown and/or organic produce delivered to my door every other week. You can choose the products one by one, which we have done for the first few months we’ve been using the service, or you can go with chance and order the local box — chock full of locally grown produce, fresh and mostly organic. It is fun to see what is in season and in abundance and to figure out ways to incorporate some new veggies into our menus. Kale, for instance, was in our box this week. I sauteed some and added it to the top of a frozen pizza last night. Instead of feeling yucky for eating frozen pizza, I felt a little more healthy for adding such a healthy item.

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3 thoughts on “WFMW: Organic Produce Tips

  1. That’s great. I’m getting ready to do something similar by joining a CSA program with a local organic farm. Very excited to see what we get in our bushel each week and learn to cook and eat some new things.

  2. Love the guide. We got something similar from my mom’s naturopathic doctor after her colon cancer diagnosis. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that guide too! I also have been debating Greenlings–I was not sure if it was really a good value–email me your opinion on that if you get a chance.

    I would love to use them since the owner is an Austin Mama (

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