Weekly W: Who’s your celebrity look-a-like?

Ms. W, whose celebrity look-a-likes include some dude (granted, he’s a good looking dude) and Heather Locklear, has challenged us bloggers this week to use the “Find your celebrity look-a-like feature” on My Heritage. This is so cool! Try it out!

Runners-up for my look-a-like included Heather Graham, Jessica Simpson, and Raquel Welch with 75%. Further down the list was Neve Campbell (is that why John likes me?) at 71%.

2 thoughts on “Weekly W: Who’s your celebrity look-a-like?

  1. You know, I don’t even know who that guy is that I matched up with, but it is the SECOND time I’ve matched him – with two entirely different pictures. Maybe he is my twin. Maybe I should look into that.

    Love yours! I can see Christie Brinkley in you! And Neve Campbell.

  2. It’s like Dead Celebrity Soulmates over at biography.com where I’m supposedly perfectly compatible with Edgar Allan Poe. Just great.

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