On the seventh day of Christmas…

It’s the last day of the year! Well, that sure snuck up on me. This is the reason I blog. It makes it so easy to look back over the year in one place (that isn’t a physical journal that will not be where I want it when I need it.) I love to look back over the girls’ pictures on their blogs, especially around their birthdays and other special occasions. For now, though, I’ll take a look back over 2012 for the Bindels.

Our church got a new building.

I got a new car.

Elizabeth started at a cool preschool, and Caroline started second grade, and both have teachers I would have designed myself if I could have!

I have been working even more and enjoying it while struggling to balance home, kids, work, and volunteering.

We had a couple of rough spots medically, with Caroline’s tonsillectomy and my biopsy, though I hesitate to even write “rough” as what was rough and scary for us is nothing compared to what so many deal with.

We found a great little condo in Port Aransas that will become “our” place for summer trips. We visited family all over Texas a few times, and the girls got a couple of new baby cousins. And we put our season passes to Six Flags to great use with two trips (three days) at Six Flags over Texas and at least four or five to Fiesta Texas.

The girls are at such fun and busy ages. They are pretty independent (or getting there), which makes life easier for us all, and they are busy busy busy with activities.

Life is good.