On the fourth day of Christmas

I am so amazed by technology!

I am writing this blog post from my new Google Nexus tablet lying in bed at my dad”s house in east Texas. daily, I keep up via words, voice, images, and video with friends, family, and associates across the country. Thanks to technology, we can visit my dad at his place and my husband can still work remotely. Thanks to technology I can be a stay at home mom while working remotely parttime. I can add edit or an e publisher. I can write educational reviews for apps.  I can edit an online educational curriculum. Three businesses that would not be around but not for technology. I can see my daughter’s homework online. I can find activities to do with my girl online. I can keep up with news, get beauty tips, medical advice, decorating ideas, and recipes. I can play Words with Friends and Draw Something with my family and loved ones and friends at anytime. And guess what else? I just dictated this blog post to my tablet and I just have to go back and fix a few words and then I can publish it. This it is amazing!