On the fourth day of Christmas,

I really aim to see, joy and love in every-thing.

I am writing this earlier in the Christmas season, but I am reminded today especially of how easy it can be to become SAD. Disheartened. Disappointed. We see, especially with social media, how fabulous our friend’s Christmas gifts, Christmas menus, and family gatherings can be. And then, in our reality, we just want a long bubble bath and a nap, without any crap. But, really, having been on both sides of the game, I think the folks who DO have the time for a bubble bath and nap without any crap kind of long for the CRAP, or at least maybe the ones who grew up in the midst of big families and craziness and chaos do.

I watched Christmas Vacation this year, again, as I do every year. And, now, as a mom of two up to her ears in family crazies, I looked at the Elaine from Seinfeld and her guy a little differently. There was a day — several year’s worth of days — that her life is what I longed for … and lived. And now, as I live in the daily chaos of family and instability and LOVE, I see how shallow that life is. And now, I would totally want to be (and, well, dadgumit, maybe I AM) part of the Griswold’s family.) I told John on one of our long Christmas road trips that, when we first married, we were so young. We were responsible, which is, honestly, a big factor in our marriage’s and life’s successes, but we were so so so shallow. Now, we may still be young,. We may still be shallow. But we can at least look and laugh at ourselves with some depth.

May you, on this fourth day of Christmas, see the humor of your life’s situation.