On the second day of Christmas…


my God gave to me, a fun and loving fam-i-ly.

I am so so so thankful that my girls have the posse of cousins they have — on both coasts of the family. John’s family is bigger and thus gets more attention in that way, but my sister and I are — well, we’re sisters, just like my girls are sisters — and there ain’t nothing like a sister. So of course, the cousins from sisters must be super close. We’re heading out today to spend a few days with my sister and her girls, and we returned this weekend from visits with cousins (from both sets) on John’s side. My cousins were such a part of my childhood, and I still love my cousins now (and get to keep up with some thanks to Facebook.) Same with John’s cousins. I went to a Christmas party last week at a friend’s new house — a beautiful and HUGE home and we then rode together to get groceries later in the week and talked about family and cousins and such. I told her how we jammed all fifteen of our “little” family in to Granda’s new garden home — happy and comfortable in all one thousand square feet of it (even with two adults and five of the girls sleeping over there, too). She remembered family get togethers at her grandma’s SINGLE-wide mobile home, which made me remember the same. And it just helped me see that it doesn’t matter how big or how fancy or how well-decorated our homes are that matters. It’s putting our loved ones, our families, together in them that really matters.

I thank God for my family and for places to gather with my family.

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  1. Amanda – I’m SOOOO sorry about spelling your name wrong in My Occasional Torment, and for leaving my apology here because I didn’t see a reply icon for the June 2011 post. Hope you are well, and have a wonderful new year!

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