Merry Christmas!

As I told the kids at church last night, despite what the stores say, Christmas isn’t over. IT JUST STARTED! Merry Christmas! I am thankful for the respite of Christmas after a very busy Advent (and, to be honest, secular Christmas season.) We do try as a family to keep Advent as a period of preparing and awaiting the Messiah, but we are easily caught up in the chaos of “Christmas.” Now, though, the school holiday parties are finished, the cookie and ornament exchanges are done, the performances are completed. We can rejoice in our Savior’s birth and look for his glorious second-coming. I am especially excited this year that Caroline’s school break coincides with the full Christmas season. We will head to my dad’s house tomorrow to spend some time with my family and then come back home to rest and reorganization and fun for the rest of the Christmas season. Then we’ll celebrate Epiphany with our church family on January 6th before Caroline returns to school on the 7th (our anniversary!) We’re celebrating Elizabeth’s birthday early on the 5th and have to figure out when we’ll celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary that weekend, so while restful, these next two weeks will still be eventful. I also like to close off the Christmas season with an Epiphany gift for the girls, so I’ll fit in a little shopping, too.