I love it when improvised teaching methods succeed!

At St. Julian’s, we’ve divided the kids for Sunday School now. I have first through fifth graders with me for Godly Play, and the preschoolers are in another classroom with another curriculum. That means I have a more mature audience of kids who have heard the core GP stories once or twice. I decided to offer Old Testament enrichment stories for the fall. I am really enjoying (and learning) about the major players in the Old Testament. We’ve studied Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses. These next weeks, until Advent, we’ll learn about Samuel, King David, and Isaiah. The lessons have helped me with my OT chronology. The struggle has been gathering pieces to show the story each week. We have a beautiful collection of the core stories, but I didn’t want to invest in the story sets for the enrichment stories as they seemed easy enough to put together from supplies I had or could pick up. Last week, though, I just didn’t get to it in time. Saturday night, I though, I could just draw pictures of what I need. Sunday morning, not having drawn the items, I thought, I could have the kids draw them before I tell the story. And when I arrived at church, I knew how to do it and was exited! Thank you, Holy Spirit!

After the kids arrived, as we shared our feast, I explained that I needed their help with the day’s story. I gave each kid a slip of paper with an element from the story on it and directed them to create the object however they chose — as a paper drawing, with clay, with Legos, with any materials in the room.

I was amazed at what they created! And then, as I told the story, they were able to place their creation onto the underlay. They were proud of their creations, and I was proud of them. I think they will have a special understanding of Moses’s life (or at least the part they commemorated) thanks to my spur-of-the-moment, Spirit-led improvisation.

I think we’ll do it again!