WFMW: Reusable grocery bags

Since Earth Day is approaching this weekend, my Works for Me Wednesday tip is good for the environment and makes life easier! I use reusable grocery bags instead of choosing “paper or plastic” at the check-out. These bags are sturdy and open up fully, so they hold much more than the plastic bags do. They have nice long handles, so they are easier to carry. I am able to fit all of my groceries into five bags, and best of all, those five bags can be carried into the house in only two trips! No more trip after trip to unload the car. No more recycling the tons of plastic bags we accumulate or finding a place to keep them until I get a chance to recycle them.

I bought my bags at Ecobags, and I paid about $15 for all five bags. I see that now they come in more colors.

So that I don’t forget them when I leave for the grocery store, I keep them in my vehicle at all times, putting them back after I put the groceries away.

makes my life easier + good for our world = GREAT IDEA!

7 thoughts on “WFMW: Reusable grocery bags

  1. Great idea and price!

    I got mine at Trader Joes (TJ).
    When I bring them with me to use at TJ’s I get to enter a coupon into a weekly drawing for a bag of groceries.

  2. Great idea. And you could use the different colored bags for different items. Like cold things could go in a blue bag, non food products could go in a red bag, etc. This would help on those busy days when you only have time to bring in the frozen stuff before you have to run off on another errand.

  3. I usually do my grocery shopping at a wal-mart supercenter (just did my big monthly shop there last night); do you shop at stores like this?
    The cashiers already have the plastic roundtable-thingee and I’m trying to imagine how I’d even get the cashier to put the stuff in there instead of in the plastic bags. There’s not even a spot to put the groceries after scanning; it’s “beep!” and then straight into a bag.

    Last night the oh-so-enthusiastic cashier put a 10lb bag of oranges into one plastic bag and then stuffed two 3lb bags of onions in with them! She didn’t even double-bag! Needless to say, the bag broke while I was putting it into the Jeep. These reusable bags would be *so* much better.

  4. And for those sewers out there, making a tote like that on the sewing machine would be super fast and cheap. I’ll have to make some of these for myself, since I hate, hate, hate how the plastic bags multiply under my sink and I don’t know what to do with them. Plus I like to be environmentally friendly. You can also recycle grocery bags and I think some stores will pay you a nickel for every bag you reuse.

  5. I’m getting even better ideas from my comments! Great idea to use the colors for code the contents, Sarah! And sewing your own, Aubrey. I don’t get a credit at HEB where I usually shop, but Whole Foods does give a 5 cent credit. Now, Carrie, you would need a lot of bags for once a month / builk shopping! I shop weekly, sometimes twice weekly. I don’t know about the round things at Walmart, but I did try a self-checkout at a different HEB recently. The sensor did register that I had put my bags down, so the clerk had to come do a quick override. That could get to be a pain every week.

  6. Wonderful ideas!! I hate how the plastic things multiply everywhere – making my own would be great – or buying some cool ones like yours! The idea for different colors for different items is a great one! That would make it much easier when it comes time to unload – then the children would automatically know where to take the bag – kitchen, pantry, garage or freezer!

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