The amazing Kitchen-Aid

I didn’t get my favorite kitchen appliance as a wedding gift. My favorite kitchen gadget (v1) was actually my husband’s first Father’s Day gift–after we’d been married for ten years! He was the baker then, experimenting with baking bread and treating his then-pregnant wife to chocolate chip cookies. I thought it would be perfect to get him a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Father’s Day, which was to fall about ten days after our baby was due. Being the planner I am, I ordered it online and planned to stash it away until Father’s Day. I was already in bed one evening when the doorbell rang and John answered. He carried it the package that wasn’t even wrapped or boxed. Kitchen Aid in big letters with a picture right on the box! Tired and pregnant, I grinned and said “Happy early Father’s Day!” I couldn’t hide it at that point. Well, that stand mixer served us well for a few years, and then John has some company reward points to spend and saw an fancier one in his point range. So we passed our white stand mixer on and got the one we use now.

I love it! I don’t like to cook or bake at other people’s homes because I rely on my so much, which brings me to my tip for today.

Use your stand mixer to shred cooked boneless skinless chicken breasts. I pop it right in, still too hot for my little fingers to touch, and give it a few spins on a medium setting to get nicely shredded chicken for casseroles or soups or whatever. I find that I shred chicken quite often. Tonight (it’s still hot here!) I made chicken and tortellini in pesto and used the Kitchen Aid to shred the chicken. Easy peasy!