What’s up Wednesday

What’s going on? I never really know how to answer that question. I’m just not that good at small talk. I enjoy talking to people, but it doesn’t come easily or naturally. I realize that I benefit from wine in social gatherings as it loosens me up a bit, letting the conversation flow a bit more. Now, once I know someone, conversation flows without wine and without ceasing, as I realized last night when I met friends for dinner and, without wine or margarita, I jumped right in to conversation. I don’t have social anxiety or anything. I enjoy being around other people. I just find that initial how-friendly-are-we-period difficult. I like to jump right in to deep, personal best friend conversations. Small talk is a waste of time. But, eh, it’s necessary.

In an effort to trim down, I am cutting back on the wine and margaritas and I rejoined the YMCA. Elizabeth and I are figuring out the routine now. She loves the play area and all her friends there. That is a girl who has no trouble whatsoever making small talk with people. I watch her in amazement as she strikes up and carries on conversations with people. How does she know how to do that? I’m not modeling it!

The girls have great costumes! Elizabeth will be a unicorn (or a person / princess riding a unicorn, actually). Caroline will be Cleopatra. Both are lately fascinated by the subjects of their choices. Elizabeth asked me the other day if we could get a unicorn to keep as a pet. “It can pee and poop in the kitty litter box,” she told me. She’d dump it, she said. I had to break it to her that the suckers don’t even actually exist! Caroline has immersed herself in the study of all things Egyptian. She has her first and last name memorized in hieroglyphics. She’s actually moved on to the Greek alphabet, too. I’m excited to move into the busy fall season! Halloween, followed by great weather and good food, Thanksgiving and lots of time with family, then Advent and the business of the season, and Christmas! The wish lists have started in earnest.

I’m still editing for Musa, the new e-book publisher. My first book with them releases Friday! And I’m planning to jump back in to blogging more and have a few posts and topics planned out.

I hope I can keep up the workout energy and the blogging routine!