Alleluia, He is Risen!

Happy Easter! I realize I’m a few days late in my post, but we’ve got the whole Easter season ahead of us, and after all, it took quite a while for Christ’s early followers to get word of the Resurrection. Right? 🙂

This Easter, we went to Wichita Falls to spend the weekend with the Bindels. This being the first Easter without John’s Aunt Yibbit or my father-in-law, Tony, really made an impact on the celebration. We did celebrate, though, because thanks to Christ’s sacrifice, we know that Yibbit and Tony are with Him now.

Since Easter is just as important of a holiday as Christmas, we do it BIG! We started with 8 a.m. Mass and then headed home (we were staying at Buffy’s) so Caroline could investigate her Easter baskets from us and her Aunt Buffy. Then we headed to Grandma’s to set up for lunch. The family began trickling in around 11, and by 1:00 we had a houseful of about 50 family members. We feasted on turkey and dressing and green bean casserole, brisket and potato salad, green bean casserole, fried chicken, butter beans, and tons of desserts. Then it was showtime! THE EGG HUNT! Now, until I married into the Bindel family, I thought egg hunts were something you grew out of somewhere in your early double digit years. No way! Of course, we let the toddlers and young kids hunt their eggs first. Caroline collected several eggs, including a few prize eggs and got a great bubble set and tshirt as prizes. But the adult hunt, that’s where the fun is! This is not a joke. There were 30 prize eggs hidden amongst the 100+ hidden eggs. And with 30 adults searching, it is serious business. I found the prize egg numbered 30, which admittedly was an easy find. See, we get our prizes in order, so prize egg one gets first choice. Prize egg 30 gets last choice. I hunted and stopped when the easy eggs had all been found and the Hiders started giving hints. I played with Caroline and her cousins, blowing bubbles for them. Then I heard we were down to one egg — Prize Egg No. 1! The most difficult to find. The hint had something to do with dog food and the porch. I watched several people dig through the dog food. This bothered Caroline because as they rummaged through the dog food bowl, they knocked out pieces of dog food. Caroline, of course, had to pick those up and put them back into the bowl. When she had finished, I decided to investigate a bit further. I picked up the dog bowl — nothing underneath. But before I placed it back down, I peeked underneath. There it was, taped to the inside bottom of the dog’s bowl — Prize Egg No. 1! Yay for me!

After things simmered down, Caroline explored her basket from Grandma and played a while. Of course, the mommy and the daddy checked out their baskets, too. 🙂

We left with lots of goodies and full hearts from a day with family, a day remembering absent family members, a day praising our Lord for His ultimate sacrifice.