Thursday Matzo

I ended up skipping the Charsoseth and just giving Caroline (and her buddy Ty) Matzo crackers for a snack this afternoon. I explained that these crackers symbolize the Jews having to make their Exodus from Egypt, they had no time to wait for bread to rise, so they made and took with them Matzo. Also, Messianic Jews have told me that the holes in Matzo crackers symbolize Jesus’s pierced side. The snack was not a hit with either tot. Regardless, we will repeat this activity each year, adding other Passover Seder dishes. John and I were very fortunate to participate in an instructional Passover Seder, led by a Messianic Jew who attended our church, a few years ago. It was so interesting. I encourage all Christians to learn more about the custom and participate in one if they have the chance.