Wednesday Praying Pretzels

I was a bit nervous before I began today’s activity — baking pretzels. I didn’t realize I’d have to dip them in a soda water bath before baking them, and that just seemed complicated. Actually, it was fun making them, so this will be a repeater. It will be fun to see how Caroline’s role changes each year. This year, she just watched and played with a bit of dough and flour. We talked about how sometimes we fold our hands in prayer and how the pretzels look like that. I told her that Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane the week before his crucification to pray. Lately, when we say her bedtime prayers, we have started kneeling at the side of the bed and folding our hands in prayer. Caroline follows right along. It’s so cute!

As for the pretzels themselves, the cook was way too heavy handed with the salt. And that comment is coming from the queen of salt-aholics! If it’s too salty for me, it is just too salty. I’ll have to dust some of the salt off before I eat anymore.