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Happy Anniversary to Musa Publishing! After my summer of serial killers, true crime, and memoirs, I returned to the cozier world of fiction, just in time to celebrate the publisher’s first anniversary. Musa has nine imprints–one for each of the nine muses, the Greek Goddesses who ruled over the arts and sciences.

My fiction experience is mostly with contemporary fiction, so I’ve started with the Terpsichore imprint, but I’ve asked for, and been given, the opportunity to try out some other lines, like Calliope (romance) and Melpomene (mystery). Look for my fall releases!



A Reason to Run by K. Daniels

The lives of three women converge after a plane crashes in West Texas. Robin’s husband should have been on that plane, but missed his flight. Marissa’s husband should have been camping near the area, but lied about his plans. And Autumn’s teenage daughter witnessed the crash landing, but has run away to find her father. Three women from different states with nothing in common except their life-changing problems, cross paths after each makes the decision to run. What they are running from, and to, takes them in directions they never imagined.


Baiting the Hook by Mary S. Palmer and David Wilton

When Pokey Merrill is visiting her fiance Davey Simpson in Mobile, AL, her law partners try to steal her clients. She returns to San Francisco to save her firm. While there, she begins to question whether she, a polio victim who wears braces, would be a good wife for Davey.
Davey, a fisherman, who has recently been acquitted of murder due to the efforts of his childhood friend–a lawyer and the first black Lieutenant Governor of Alabama–is waiting for his house to be rebuilt after having been burned down, possibly by Ben’s opponent for Governor of Alabama, Roger Hoffman. Since Davey’s boat was also sabotaged and is under repair, he can’t fish, so he is helping with Ben Johnson’s campaign.
As Davey risks his life in a daring encounter with the Ku Klux Klan, he learns that some politicians will resort to murder to reach their goals. He also discovers his own weaknesses regarding revenge and insecurity, including his feeling that he isn’t worthy of Pokey.


Shaw’s Consequence by Ralph Hartmann

Marcel Shaw is an exacting man; a man of high standard and high promise. He is a man of business, a husband and a father. He will stop at nothing. He is an obsessive bastard. He will do what must be done to further his course, no matter how distasteful the task, he will never lose. This is his secret.
Sidney is the eldest of three sisters born into the world their father has created. She longs to escape from beneath the shadow he casts, to find her own way. Instead, after Erika vanishes, and her mother slips deep into a bottle; after Sara is assaulted, and her father abandons them, Sidney endures and holds together the fragments of her family. Her life is a tenuous balance between hope and despair. One more trial may break her. This is her secret.
Randy Thomas loves Sidney. A fatherless young man pulled into the world of wealth and privilege. He is Marcel’s man, trapped in a misguided loyalty. He is a free man caught in a life of subservience. There is a power in his past and a purpose to his future. He knows nothing of this. Randy is a fraud, he is a killer. This is his secret.
Vincent Slowly Bear is a guide; he will show Sidney the things she needs to see. He will tear Randy apart and make him over again. He was dead long before he was murdered. He runs with the One Wind; Slowly Bear is not a man. This is his secret.
And secrets, no matter how closely held, always convey consequence.

Venetian Masquerade by Suzanne Stokes

When Amy comes unexpectedly face-to-face with Alessandro di Benedetto, six years after he broke her heart – she has a very special reason to be scared. Because unbeknown to Alessandro, Amy had his child, and she fears that if this powerful Italian finds out about little James he will move heaven and earth to take his son away. But has she misjudged him?
Amy flees to Venice to be with her dying Godmother, and the chance of a new life. She makes new friends, has the chance of new love…but always in the background, there is Alessandro.

And to give you all the chance to try something new, I’m giving away a five dollar gift certificate for you to choose a Musa book. Just leave a comment here to be entered into the drawing.


But wait…there’s MORE!

You’ll also be entered into a drawing with all commenters in the Musa Anniversary Blog Hop to win fabulous prizes, including…A NEW FIRE! (a Kindle Fire, that is!)

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And Hannah O, you’ve won the $5 gift card! I’ll be emailing you!

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  1. You have such a beautiful family Amanda! Congratulations on your success with Musa. The above books all look like great reads. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest through your blog and I wish you much continued success!

  2. Just swinging back by to have another entry to win that Kindle Fire! My chance to get into the digital age of reading books 😀

  3. She’s baaack! Yep, me again – I wanna win! Thanks for tolerating me (and yeah, you’ll be seeing me again!) Haha!

  4. I love that Musa , has named the different imprints after Greek Goddesses that is just so cool.


  5. Thank you for sharing found so many great books in this fun blog hop Thanks for taking part!
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  6. Hi!! Happy Anniversary! Very awesome! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you! And thank you for the fun hop and giveaway!! Many blessings to you!

  7. Congrats to Musa on their anniversary. And now I’ve learned something new about the Musa publishing line. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the other blogs mention that the imprints are named after the 9 muses. How creative is that? This is such a wonderful hop.
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