Sweet sweet organization!

Pinterest is full of images of (usually repainted) armoires repurposed as craft storage. Old idea, really. I’d been using a antique dresser for ours for a few years now. But, with two growing girls full of creativity with supplies in abundance, we needed something bigger. On a whim yesterday, I searched craigslist for armoires and found this one for $150.

This pull-out desktop is what really got me excited, though! It gives the girls a little more work area that isn’t the kitchen table (say, for quick activities while the table is being set), but even better, it folds up and hides what is behind it, making it the perfect place to store Caroline’s Lego projects or other little work that needs to be out of sister’s sight and reach.

I need to get some Goo-Gone after that orange sticker. I also picture calendars and chore charts hung on the inside of the doors. I am pretty excited about it!