Fun in the ‘hood

Let me just say that Bandon Drive is growing in to the nice little community I had hoped for! I think a big factor is that many of the kids are just getting to the age of being able to play and wander house to house on their own a bit. We have a big population of first grade and kindergarten girls — on our street, there are five first grade girls and two kindergarten girls who all play great together.  The girls had a lemonade stand at our neighborhood garage sale today, and two of the neighbor girls joined them to play and sale. Yesterday, we all ended up in a neighbor’s backyard (I went along so Elizabeth could play with their three-year-old, too.) They kids made a water canal system in the rocks and the got fun-dirty!

A ten-year-old girl hosts the little ones one weekday afternoon for story/craft/game time. The kids love it, and we mamas do, too!

I am really looking forward to summer and a yard full of playmates!

It reminds me of playing with my neighbors as a kid. I remember our moms would sometimes write on our hands how long we could stay and play or what time we needed to be sent home.  Maybe I’ll get to try that soon. 🙂