My Little Family on the Prairie

My love affair with Little House on the Prairie and all things pioneer-period continues. And thankfully, my girls enjoy it and my husband tolerates it! We are making our way through the whole series of Little House on the Prairie, checking out a two-disc set from the library each week. I’ve been wanting to visit Pioneer Farms with the girls since Christmas, when they got their prairie girl dresses. I saw on Facebook that they were having a presentation today — Girls of Grit — about what life for women was like in various families during the period. Caroline chose not to wear her outfit, but Elizabeth donned hers. I left the bonnet at home (and we needed it in the sun today!)

This was our third visit to Pioneer Farms, but it was our first visit that did not involve the Biscuit Brothers (and therefore huge crowds!) It was pretty much a ghost town, especially when we first arrived. A Girl Scout troop showed up for the Girls of Grit tour and there was one other family wondering around. Going on the tour was fabulous as we were able to enter some of the rooms in some of the houses. We toured a small farm of a German family who had thirteen kids in their one room house. We saw a Tonkawa Indian site. We saw the Jourdan-Bauchmann farm — representing an upper middleclass family, and we saw The Bell House, the home of a senator and cotton farmer. We heard of life for women and girls and kids from a range of socio-economies.

There were caterpillars aplenty — fuzzy ones! Hundreds, easily! Elizabeth couldn’t stop screaming about the Very Hungry Caterpillars! All the girls seemed really fascinated by them — maybe even more so than learning about life as a pioneer.

After two hours on the prairie, in the heat, we were BEAT! I commented in the car that it would have been hard to have lived then. Caroline said, “But WE were WALKING the whole time!” Yeah, hard work indeed.