House Rules by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult novels have become my resting place. If the library doesn’t have the latest hit available for me, I’ll check out one of her books that I haven’t read and know I’ll be in for a treat. I am a big Law and Order fan, and her books sort of play out as if they were made for TV (a negative critique for many, I know.) This book in particular, with its crime scenes and courtroom drama, is especially Law&Order-ish. By design. Jacob is an autistic teenager obsessed with crime scenes. His grad-student social skills tutor is found dead, along with a complicated crime scene, and Jacob is charged with her murder. Picoult’s novels usually present with an unexpected twist at the end, and to be honest, this time, I had it figured out in about 24 minutes (as Jacob would say.) Is this because I’ve read too many of her books or that this one was particularly predictable. Or do I have too many friends with sons with Asperger’s Syndrome (and a daughter who is drawn to these boys)?

As always, I enjoyed her work. And I checked out another of her books today. What will I do when I get ahead of her work? I am not far behind, so I need a new favorite, I think!