Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! We brought home the flowered cross (so I can take it to storage in the next few weeks), so John displayed it in our front yard. What a beautiful symbol of our Risen Christ. We had a lovely Easter, starting with a family egg hung with my sister and her husband and kids here on Saturday. Poppy, Nana, and Mrs. Ross joined us and stayed for Easter, too! The girls awoke to a scavenger egg hunt with clues — which I will repeat — that led them to their baskets. We had another egg hunt at church, though with about a third of the number of kids I expected. I think I may need to skip planning that for next year as it is such a busy day for families.

Elizabeth ended up with a fever by the end of the day, so she isn’t too chipper in our family pictures, but I do love the oh-so-rare family picture, so I treasure it. (Notice my new short, dark hair. I decided to return to my roots.)