The Marriage Plot

I hadn’t considered myself a big Eugenides fan, but I now realize that I have read every one (all three) of his novels and enjoyed them all.  In fact, I think this is my favorite so far, even though Middlesex was more complex and critically acclaimed (with the Pulitzer and Oprah and all.) I don’t remember much about The Virgin Suicides since I read it almost twenty years ago, but I do remember it was interesting and that I wasn’t as shocked by it as I thought I would be.

The Marriage Plot involves an English major (do stick with it through those first 50 pages of lots of literary criticism language) who falls in love with a manic depressive and the theology major who falls in love with her.  I was intrigued with the theology guy’s character. He was a big fan of Thomas Merton, and my husband reads Merton. And current events (the Kony guy’s unfortunate breakdown) reminded me of Leonard’s struggles with mania and depression.

I recommend it.