Thinking in statuses…do you LIKE me?

I’ve been on my Facebreak for more than three weeks now, and honestly, I don’t miss it all that much. I do, though, still find myself thinking of my life in status updates.

One week to Hunger Games!! (I bet that one is really popular right now, and I’d be “liking” those as I saw them pop up if I didn’t actually write it myself or post about buying my tickets on presale.)


Started Spring Break dreaming of life as a homeschooler. Ended Spring Break on Friday with an oil change and 3:00 HEB trip. I told the lady giving out wine samples at the end of our journey through HEB that she should be giving out full glasses at the entrance. And I decided that I may not have the homeschooling gene in me after all. (this one would get likes from my public school friends and generate a few comments from my homeschooling friends warning me not to shop or get oil changes in the same day with both kids in tow. Stuff you’d think anymama would know!)

I would have also shared this video of Grandma Bindel playing balloon volleyball. She’s the one in purple who looks like she’s giving the elbow flip-off gesture to the other team.

And there would have been lots of pictures of the girls over spring break…at the farm we visited, at the Alamo and Mission San Jose, at Six Flags, in the bluebonnets…see how busy we are?!

I’m sure Facebook really misses this stereotypical thirty-something over-educated stay-at-home-mom. I’m an archetype.