Blueprint for Building Better Girls

I should learn not to check out books on a whim, but I did last week. Interestingly, the book mentioned The Bell Jar, the last book I read in a funny line about college girls just needing to shed a few tears and flash a copy of The Bell Jar at the student health center in order to get some Valium. I didn’t need to even try that — I had dear Grandma Joyce for that. (Really, she only gave me Valium once. Honest.)

Blueprint for Building Better Girls seemed like a book I’d love — a character-based compilation of eight female archetypes whose lives and stories intersect. I usually totally dig these kinds of books. This one, though, just didn’t click. I didn’t connect with any of the characters. I wasn’t even interested enough in some of them to notice their connection to others in the book.

I rated it “meh.”