40 Rocks! (I’m not 40…my husband is.)

Happy, Happy Birthday to my wonderful, gorgeous, and young husband!

I have had a fun time planning this birthday milestone for him. We’re celebrating Saturday with a karaoke party at home with about 50 folks — mostly friends from church and work. Pinterest has made party planning much more of a sport. I made cake balls for the first time — lemon. I don’t love them, so I’m stopping at lemon and just making white cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes (but I’m adding a Hershey Kiss to the center of the chocolate cupcakes as I saw on Pinterest). I did make some Oreo truffles that I saw on Pinterest. They, my friends, are divine. Beyond the sweets, Costco is my go-to caterer for party food. My friend, Erica, designed the logo for me to use on the cupcakes and balls. I saw (on Pinterest, of course) suckers for 30 sucks and was inspired to be more positive. So, I thought 40 Rocks! It goes with our karaoke theme, too. Then I remembered Pop Rocks and had her use that as inspiration for her design. She is fabulous, and I love it! I printed it on cardstock and used my recently-aquired circle punch to punch them out. (I’m going to be using that thing lots more!)

But the MOST EXCITING thing I did for John’s special day was contact old friends and loved ones to have them send me a memory of John. I laughed so hard! I smiled from ear to ear hearing over and over again reading what a truly good man he is. The term moral compass came up more than once. But, Beevis and Butthead did, too, so he’s a good guy with a sense of humor. That’s like perfection, isn’t it?

I installed a google add-on, Boomerang, to allow me to set up emails to send to him every twenty minutes throughout the day on his birthday with these special messages. 40 memories from 40 loved ones on his 40th birthday. I’ll post the whole list tomorrow for electronic posterity.

For now, I will let you enjoy John’s hair. He has good hair, and it seems to bear the brunt of his aging-related crises.