Birthday Party Time!

Elizabeth’s birthday party is tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be a simple at-home party with three friends for the three year old. That actually translates to 17 people when you add in her immediate family, Poppy, and her aunt, uncle. and cousins, plus parents and sib of friends. But still, I expect I’ll enjoy it more than some of the big shebangs we’ve had. Live and learn.

She wanted a Super Why party with a princess cake. As much as I avoid Disney Princess stuff, she is getting a Disney Princess cake. After all, the whole premise of Super Why is “we changed the story.” And isn’t that what Disney does? Take a story in the public domain, sex up the main character, package the story their way, and market, market, market.

Back to the point. Elizabeth and her friends will decorate and color a  cardboard castle and house in Story Book Village, dress up (as their favorite character from the show, a story, or just fancy), play in the castle and houses, have a super-letter scavenger hunt, and eat cake and ice cream. The kids will get their own super capes as party favors. I made them from t-shirts and put iron-on initials on the backs.

The party is from 3 to 5. And then I plan for John and me to be out of here around 6 for our anniversary dinner and night out. Dinner. . . maybe Esther’s Follies if we aren’t too tired. Dinner and Half-Price Books if we are.