Merry Christmas!

Posted by PicasaThough I was not a perfect performer in Haphazard Happenstances Christmas Blogging Challenge, the challenge did get me back into the habit of updating my blog, which makes me happy. I already have several posts ruminating in my mind for the coming week. But first, here is a bit of my Christmas Joy — the first ever St. Julian’s Live Nativity. I wasn’t sure about having it this year, as I thought we should wait until we were in our own space. . . which last Christmas I though would for sure be by now. (Easter, people, Easter is the plan now!) But we have so many kids, and I (selfishly) want my girls to participate in this kind of thing. So we went for it! Oriental Trading gowns provided the base for the angels, shepherds, and Mary and Joseph. Dish towels and fabric scraps served as shepherd / Joseph head pieces. Mary’s mom make her beautiful head piece. I found the animal costumes on ebay since I hoped even our babies could participate at least for a photo. The ties for the headpieces were a great deal — a whole ream (or whatever the word for it is) in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby marked 1.99. I took it to the clerk to see if that meant per yard. I told her that I felt silly even asking as I’m sure it did. . . but since the whole thing was shrink-wrapped together, I thought I’d check. She took it and asked and came back to say, yep! The whole thing for 1.99! Score! That make the ties for ten shepherds, though we only needed five this year. We can also use rope next year. The angel wings were also a project I stressed over. I made a pattern out of some poster board we had at home and tried them on the girls. They were big and floppy and didn’t seem like they’d hold up well. I talked to another mom at church and she said that she thought Michaels or someplace had thicker poster board — not the foam — but something that sturdy. So, I checked. No dice. But as I perused the aisle, I found paperboard cutouts of different shapes — flowers, hearts, and BUTTERFLY WINGS! Perfect. And guess what — six for $2.99. And, being Michaels, they were buy one get one free. I stapled dollar store garland around them for angelic effect, and we used more garland bobby-pinned to heads for the halos.

The kids were adorable! I am glad we did it and look forward to even bigger next year! For our little starter church who meets in the evenings at another church’s facility, I’d say a Christmas Eve pageant of nineteen kiddos is pretty spectacular.

(and did I mention that I am soooo excited that we will be in our own space around Easter?)