I’ll hunt you down. . . it’s a family trait

When I hunted down (really not that hard to do with the Internet’s power) the address to a house in Round Rock with cool Christmas lights that had “gone viral” on the web this weekend, I was proud of myself for putting to use my headhunting skilz. The more I thought about it, though, I realized that the skills that made me a good headhunter were the same traits that  made my dad an awesome repo man. I hope he’s happy to know he taught me something that was quite financially lucrative for me. 🙂

You see, my dad was a credit representative for GMAC. That’s fancy talk for repo man. He was good at his job. Really good. He was creative and persistent and unintimidated. I love to hear some of his stories (which he does not share often, I think out of respect for people’s privacy) of how he found people hiding from their creditors. One of my favorite stories is of how he tracked down a woman who had been renting a trailer from him who skipped out on a few month’s rent. When he knocked on her door (at her new secret place), I think she about peed her pants to see him standing there asking for his money. “How’d you find me?” she asked. My observant daddy replied, “Your porch swing.” Amazing, isn’t he?

Well, I never did anything so insightfully impressive, but I didn’t mind following multiple leads to get tidbits of information from varying sources to find the right extension for the right hiring manager for a job req. Or using resumes and voice mail systems to find the right candidate in the right company at the right time for a client. Creativity and persistence.

Now, my skilz might not bring in commission checks that allow us pay cash for a brand new vehicle anymore, but they did give us a few minutes of holiday fun! And I’ll share a little with you.