Toy declutter

I did a major toy purge and rotation Friday. Really, the playroom was out of control with things just tossed in. Really, knowing I was about to reorg and purge, I took to just tossing things in there the past week. I got rid of several items, including a few large ones. I moved “building” type toys that have lots of small pieces (Lincoln Logs, Legos, puzzles) into the closet on a shelf. I figure that way, they are less likely to get pulled out when lots of kids are here, which is when they end up strewn all over. Not pictured here is the Apple //c that John set up for Caroline to learn a little programming. She’s in there now “coding.” <3

Since Caroline is home only in the afternoons on weekdays  (and usually has ballet or piano or plays outside then), the playroom is mostly for Elizabeth. She loves playing with babies. She loves imaginary play, so she has a dress-up corner, a reading corner (that ends up being where she puts all her babies to bed), and a shelf with other toys. That American Girl doll on the top of the shelf is Caroline’s doll, Molly. Elizabeth plays with her more than Caroline does, though. But Elizabeth is getting her own American Girl Bitty Twin doll for Christmas.