Advent Meditation and Rejoicing!

First, since I’m linking to my church’s blog here, I want to share that we are getting closer and closer to something I’ve been praying for — our own space! Lovely space! Space close to my home! We expect to have our first service there on Easter. Alleluia!

On of the seminarians at church spearheaded putting together daily devotionals for Advent, written by members at our church. Mine was today’s.

As for our family’s Advent traditions, I have scaled back from what we’ve done in the past (with nightly readings and songs and activities.) Instead, I am reading various children’s books of the Christmas story with the girls (mostly Elizabeth) throughout the week. Each night, we light our Advent candles at dinner and sing a Christmas carol related to that week’s candle (Hope–O Come, O Come Emmanuel; Peace–Silent Night; Joy-Joy to the World!; Love–Away in a Manger.) This is a unique Advent in that week four is a full week since Christmas falls on Sunday. We made our Advent prayer chain again, and are praying nightly for a person we’ve written on the link. The girls have really enjoyed nights that we’ve prayed for someone specific to them (teachers, classmates, etc.)

I did bring out the baby Jesus for the nativity set, at Elizabeth’s request, but both John and Caroline insisted we put it back away until Christmas. We did. Elizabeth still has her Little People nativity set with baby Jesus in it.