Parties, Performances, and Pee — Oh my!

I think this is the busiest holiday season of my life! Two kids in various programs (really, mostly ONE of them — what will life be life in three years when they are both over-involved in extracurriculars?

The letter P is a good representation for the month of December 2011 in the Bindel household.

Parties — birthday parties, school parties, class parties, work parties, church parties (notice those are ALL plural. True!)

Performances — choir performance(s) — we skipped one; ballet performances; preschool performances; church pageant (can that count as a performance?)

and Pee — because my days are filled with “Do you need to go pee pee?” and “I NEED TO GO PEE PEE!” or my least favorite “I already went pee pee.” I overheard Elizabeth singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the other day. “. . . as they shouted out to pee!”