Happy Anniversary to the ones that made me :-)

Today would be my parent’s 43rd wedding anniversary. They only got to enjoy 22 of those years, but in that time, they showed me what a good marriage is. And as my sister celebrates her 15th anniversary in a week and I my 17th in less than a month, I think this is one thing that mommy and daddy can consider themselves successes at.

Some things I learned:

1. You are a united front — in a successful marriage, it is no longer him and her, it is “us.”

2. Separate interests are fine but should not be the majority — She can have her thing. He can have his. Every now and then. Most of your down time should be together, at home, as a family.

3. It is OK to marry young as long as you GROW UP TOGETHER. My mom was a senior in high school and barely 18 when she married my dad. I was a senior in college and 21 when I married John. Did they stay the same? Did we? No way! But we’ve grown up together. We’ve changed together. We’ve grown closer as we’ve grown up.

4. As gross as it was when I was 16, it is wonderful that my dad could not pass my mom in the kitchen without grabbing her butt.

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to the ones that made me :-)

  1. Yep, I've got a butt grabber here too. It's not even a surprise anymore. 🙂

    Congrats on 17! That's amazing!

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