You’re either a planner or you make fun of planners

Or at least that’s how I feel sometimes. I am a planner. It’s survival because I do not do well under stress and pressure. I feel, though, that I have found kindred spirits in my planner nerdiness with my meal swap group. We are about to celebrate two years of swapping dinner.

We plan our weekly menus using a google document where we all record what we’ll be bringing the next week. Some of us plan out a month in advance (me). Some plan further. Some just go a couple of weeks out. We swapped meals yesterday for the last time in 2011 and will be off for the holidays. I went ahead Sunday night and created the new 2012 calendar through the end of the first quarter. My meal swap friends did not mock me for this, making fun of me for planning ahead as I am so accustomed. They thanked me. Planners of the world unite!

One thought on “You’re either a planner or you make fun of planners

  1. Fellow planner here.

    When y'all get ready to go to Disney, hit me up for all of my planning docs! 😉

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