My big girl lost her first tooth tonight. I am not normally sentimental about milestones, but this one seems like such a big deal to me. Her little face will be forever changed. That baby smile is gone! I think, though, the reason I feel this more is that we (and by we, I mean Caroline) have been anticipating this for more than four years now. When her cousin Megan lost her first tooth, Caroline became fascinated with the whole concept. She decided then (around Thanksgiving) that she wanted to be a loose tooth the next Halloween. And she stuck with the idea to be a loose tooth Halloween when she was three. Her first day of preschool when she was four, she came home to tell me someone lost a tooth at school that day. I didn’t believe her that a four year old lost a tooth, but sure enough, it happened! And guess what happened the first week of kindergarten. Yup, another classmate lost a tooth. (Funny side note: this friend has a heart condition and has some PE modifications. Caroline told me one day that the coaches walked next to this girl when they ran the track because she has a problem where her teeth fall out easily. A little confused.) Caroline’s three same-age cousins (who are actually five to six months younger than she is) have all lost teeth. She’s been eagerly waiting, wiggling, insisting her tooth is loose, for a year now. And this week, I finally felt it wiggle, too! All weekend, her tooth has been barely hanging on, and today during Sunday School (where I am her teacher), she pulled it! She is so excited. She told me she could hardly sleep.  She’ll awake to two dollar coins.

As I was putting the girls to bed, checking to make sure Caroline had put her tooth out for the tooth fairy (she put it next to her bed in her glasses case as John told her it might get lost under her pillow), Elizabeth asked me, totally seriously, “Mommy, does the tooth fairy bring cake?”

Wishful thinking.