Favorite Children’s Museum so far . . .

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I had heard for a few years that Waco’s museum was a must-see, but it took me until now to actually visit. And I was NOT DISAPPOINTED! Really, I was calculating in my head if we would be able to do four or five trips a year to justify a membership I enjoyed it so much. The girls and I made it a half-way stop on our way to Keller for our cousin weekend. An hour and a half from Austin, an hour-and-a-half from our DFW destination — just right. I planned to spend two hours, which we did, but we rushed through several rooms the girls could have played much longer in. There was a tea room for practicing manners and having a tea party, a people of the world room for dressing up and playing instruments from other cultures, a bubble room, a sound room (with that floor piano!), a simple machines room, a big model train, a toddler sized community complete with a road, cars, signs, stores and house. And more…what am I missing. Oh, a black widow and tarantula and other aquarium-life. And a pioneer days room with a wagon and butter churn, dress up clothes and lots of period toys and activities. And a Native American room with a tipi and drums and animals and such. And more! Really. Plus a typical natural sciences museum with exhibits (which we pretty much just walked through on the way to the bathroom.)

We will be back!