Room Share (Second Attempt)

Posted by PicasaI spent all day today rearranging bedrooms to put the girls together for sleeping and give them a playroom. This was my plan even before Elizabeth was born, but when we tried it, she just didn’t sleep well with her sister near. We’re trying again, and I hope it works well. We’ve got a month to figure it out before school starts. And if we have to revert, at least I got a lot of decluttering out the work. 

Not much fits here besides their beds — Elizabeth is on a full-sized futon. Caroline is on a twin-sized captain’s bed. Between them are some crafting component shelves stacked on each other to serve as a nightstand with lots of space for their books. On the opposite wall are some bookshelves (IKEA) with a shelf of Caroline’s stuff (her birthday books — I make one for each girl each year instead of scrapbooks, her sports trophies, some pictures) and Elizabeth’s stuff (same, minus the sports trophies.)

I must point out the lovely pillows on the girls’ beds. Caroline’s was made by (Great) Grandma Bindel — a ministry she started when John and his siblings were adopted into their new homes. She made each of them a Jesus Loves John (or David, or Michael, or Elizabeth) pillow to have in their new home. Then, all the cousins wanted one, so she made more. Eventually, it became Grandma’s thing — Jesus pillows for new babies, family friends, etc. Caroline’s was one of the last she made. I actually think that my niece, Sophia’s, was the actual last that she made, about six months after Caroline’s. That meant little Elizabeth would not have a Jesus pillow. Of course, Grandma’s tradition was too loved to let that happen. Within days of Elizabeth’s birth, (Great) Aunt Patty had the pink blanket made that says “Jesus loves Mary Elizabeth.” My sister also started a project where she embroidered and sewed most of the polka-dotted pillow, sending it to Elizabeth’s Godmother, Aunt Carlye in Wichita Falls to take to Grandma to stuff. I was so happy to have both. Then John’s sister, Elizabeth, came to visit, bringing one of her childhood pillows that Grandma had made. And that is why Elizabeth’s bed is a constant reminder that Jesus loves her — and is a constant reminder that lots of other people love her, too.

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