A little elbow grease . . .

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and porcelain cleaner go a long way! I’m a bit embarrassed to show what my daily-use plates looked like (see top plate in image). These were well-loved Pfaltzgraff dishes given to us at our wedding — in 1995! I was almost at the point of replacing them and was browsing the Pfaltzgraff Web site since I really liked the durability and flexibility of these dishes. Liked the size. Liked the neutral, solid color. Liked the price. But I have a set of twelve. That’s a lot to start over, even if it is affordable. It’s a lot of waste to get rid of. I read about the Pfaltzgraff porcelain cleaner — that works on porcelain sinks, too — a real sore spot in our otherwise-loved kitchen.

The problem is not that the dishes or sink is scratched,as I had thought. It is that the silverware leaves a stain on the porcelain when it scrapes against it. It just needs a specialized cleaner (bleach doesn’t work; I’ve tried!). At the outlet mall today, I popped in to the Le Cruset store, even though I own nary a piece of the lovely enamel-covered cast iron cookware. Sure enough, they had a porcelain cleaner. The clerk wasn’t sure if it would work on my sink, but for $12, I wasn’t willing not to try it (or pay $8 shipping elsewhere) to try it. You can see the results above. I am quite pleased! No, my dishes do not look new. Neither does my sink. But they don’t look trash-worthy anymore. I think I can easily get another five year’s out of these plates. 🙂