Easter Eggs

I have to post these pictures because one project, I may never do again, and the other, I for sure want to do again.

Picture One: Rice Krispie Treat Eggs — I sprayed plastic eggs with Pam and spooned the treats into those to form eggs. Super cute and yummy, but it was messy and took quite a bit of time. Probably not a project I’ll do again. The inspiration came from ads I saw several places (from Kellogg’s) that had you hollow a hole inside the egg to place M&Ms. I didn’t even attempt that and it was still time consuming!

Picture Two: Marbled Eggs — these were easy for the girls to do and are really pretty! You dye your eggs however you do. (We do ours the old-fashioned unnatural way with Paas.) Then you put a bit of olive oil on a plate, add a bit of a different colored dye (we also experimented with drops of food coloring onto the egg with nice results) and roll the egg around on the plate. The olive oil gives the eggs a pretty shine, too. And notice eggs seven and eight (if you count left to right and by row) were brown eggs. I think they dyed up nicely, too.

(The bottom row is not marbled. Caroline wanted to leave some solid.)