To Mop, or Not To Mop ?– that is the question.

I do a different household task each day, and Thursdays are my “hard floor” day. That means on Thursdays I Swiffer the tiled parts of the house and then wet mop them. I wet mop using a flat cloth diaper wrapped onto the Swiffer pole, wet in a mixture in my sink. The mixture varies — either vinegar and water, Pine-Sol and water, or bleach and water — depending on what I think the floor needs. This has become my least favorite housekeeping task of the week, not because I dislike mopping, but because I must do it while Caroline naps. It’s too hard to keep her off of the wet floor, and she slipped a few months ago on the wet tile and freaks out now if so much as a drop of water is on the floor. When she took two naps a day, doing housework while she napped was the plan. Now that she naps once and enjoys helping so much, I do my housework while she is awake (and while away the hours reading blogs and such during naptime).

Apparently my floors don’t get too dirty. I hosted my Tuesday playgroup here last week. Keep in mind, this would be two days before “hard floor” day, so five days since I’d mopped last. I was outside with some of the kids when a mom came out laughing saying I had to see something inside. I walked in and another mom was holding up a wad of white papertowels. Somebody had spilled some water on the floor, so she grabbed some papertowels to wipe it up. When she looked at the papertowels after wiping, they were clean. The moms were amazed, and I have to admit I was pretty surprised myself (and so thankful!)

So yesterday, I skipped wet mopping. I went over all of the tile with my new favorite gadget, The Shark, my Christmas present. Then I Swiffered. I guess I should keep this my dirty secret, but I’m going to try just mopping every other week. I can give up twenty minutes of “me” time every fortnight to mop, I think. Is my house going to become a stinky pig sty? I hope not.

I’d love to hear how often others mop. (I’m betting that at two of you mop daily — RS and EW.) Leave a comment and let me know how often you mop.

4 thoughts on “To Mop, or Not To Mop ?– that is the question.

  1. I used to sweep and mop daily when my girl was allergic to everything and was in the stage of putting everything in her mouth. Then I used to mop weekly. Now it’s slipped back to about every two weeks. I think it’s not-so-bad because I wipe up spills in between as they happen. What a fun compliment though from the other moms!

  2. Am I RS? If so you are SO wrong! In fact, I just wrote in my blog about how I needed to mop because Tobin asked if he could walk in the (muddy) footprints across the floor. The floor is ancient linoleum, so even when it’s clean it looks dirty, so the incentive of a beautiful floor just isn’t there. But our front porch leads right into the kitchen, so the floor is constantly grimy from snow, dirt, cooking crumbs, and eating crumbs. My solution? Wear shoes 😀

    I did get a Swiffer Vac for Christmas, so maybe that will at least help with the crumbs!

  3. I mop every other week – maybe! 🙂

    It is my least favorite task as well.

    My method? I sweep with my Dirt Devil stick vac (which ROCKS!), then swiffer, then use my clorox ready mop.

    To keep the floor tidy, I use the stick vac every day.

    But, honestly, my floor could be mopped every week!

  4. Floors are the reason that, every now and then, I entertain the thought that we could hire someone to come in and clean. I think…no, I KNOW, that I would rather clean a toilet than mop. That said, Sophie flings quite a bit of food to the floor still, and Callie Dog is an efficient but not quite sterile vacuum. Every 2-3 weeks I end up down on my hands/knees scrubbing up stuff, and using the Clorox “eraser” mop. It’s nothing spectacular — maybe I’ll try a swiffer since so many people seem to love it. I used to scoff at people who received appliances for gifts. Now, nothing would please me more than a really fancy vacuum cleaner.

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