These are a few of my favorite things — AKA: Let’s get back to blogging this February

I had a splendid little time perusing my old blog entries and I realized I’ve been neglecting this journal of mine. So, to get myself back in the swing, I am going to NaBloPoMo for the month of February.

In honor of watching The Sound of Music with my sweet girls last week (several times!), my February theme will be about my favorite things. And maybe in the process of recording my favorites, I’ll catch up my journal on what has been going on/is going on in our lives.

Tamiflu is one of my favorite things.

Caroline got hit hard with the cooties late last week. She didn’t feel well Thursday afternoon and woke up in the night running a fever. I was selfishly thankful that she woke up during the night with the fever rather than me getting up with my alarm at 6:44, brushing my teeth, packing her lunch and starting the laundry, before going to wake her and finding her with a temp. At least with her waking in the night, I could turn my alarm off then and know I didn’t need to wake at any set time. She was out of it all day Friday, with her temperature reaching close passing 103. I called the pediatrician Saturday morning and got an appointment to see his partner who diagnosed an ear infection in each ear. The new partner (young and cracking jokes) didn’t see any reason to swab her for the flu and strep tests. I wanted to know, though, especially since we had just received an email from the school nurse to let her know if our kids had confirmed cases of the flu. He swabbed her (and thanked her for not puking on him) and came back within a few minutes to let me know she was positive for both. He added a Tamiflu prescription to the antibiotics. Within 24 hours, the lethargic Caroline was gone and my bubbly little girl was back. Yay for catching it quickly and Yay for Tamiflu. (I will not dwell on the fact that she was also vaccinated for the flu in November. Perhaps, though, that also contributed to her quick recovery.)