$10 Doll Closet

Caroline got Molly: An American Girl doll for her birthday and quickly accumulated several outfits for her doll, thanks to ebay and etsy. That prompted my search for a storage solution for this stuff. I could not sleep well at night with doll clothes just piled on top of the dresser or with the doll just sitting on a shelf or on our couch. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” was disrupted! The American Girl Store has closets and trunks, of course, for a pretty penny. I asked mama friends for advice and got some good ideas. And I was tempted to buy one of the $50 knock-off trunks.

Instead, I took inspiration from a friend’s suggestion and made Molly her own closet. The girls and I made a quick trip to JoAnn.

Wooden crate: 9.99 ($6 w/40% off coupon)

12 inch x .5 diameter dowels: .99 (for a pack of six — only need one)

Caroline picked out a pack of Woodsies stars to decorate with, and I needed to use three of those to wedge the dowel in: 2.49

And the splurge — a 4-pk of doll hangers: 4.49 (I have ordered ten more from an online store for .30 each, but I still have to pay her 4.50 for shipping.)

For now, accessories (which consist of bloomers and shoes since Molly is in her bathing suit) are in a craft jewelry box Caroline decorated this weekend that is sitting on top of the closet. I’m sure the accessories collection will grow and we will need a larger box, but I saw several at JoAnn.

I will rest better knowing Molly and her clothes are in their place. And I think Caroline will enjoy dressing her up more now that she can see all the clothes at once.

*Another AG tip: JoAnn carries a knock-off line of the dolls and has clothes that fit any 18 inch doll starting at $5.