Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me! Let’s examine these two pictures and all the clues to the fun and joy that is my life. First, Caroline and I baked and iced the cake ourselves. I did not have a seven candle, so Caroline used her Wiki Stix to make me my own custom cake topper of a three and a seven. My darling girl is wearing a shirt that says “Birthday Girl.” It would be more appropriate if it said “Party Girl” because that is how she interprets it. She wore it to her own party, and she’s since worn it to another friend’s birthday party (but it was a swimming party so she only wore it on the ride there, don’t worry about her stealing anyone’s thunder!) Mary Elizabeth loves cake! Selfish mommy wanted a picture of her and her girls on her birthday, though, before cutting the cake. That did not make Mary Elizabeth very happy.

Caroline did really enjoy the cake. In fact, she told me it was the “best cake ever!” which, in an immature way, makes me really happy since just a few months ago she told me that she loves birthdays…”everybody’s birthday…except mommy’s.” A little probing brought out that she didn’t like mommy’s birthday because we never have cake on mommy’s birthday. We sure fixed that! I’ll just recruit my little bakers to bake me a cake from now on!

Thirty-seven isn’t a very dramatic age. I can hear 40 creeping up, though, so I have added eye cream to my beauty regimen.